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5 Ways Office 365 Makes Your Office Collaboration Better

Microsoft wants Office 365 to be the best place for real-time collaboration, and these familiar tools are how they're making it happen.

Microsoft wants Office 365 to be the best place for real-time collaboration. Here's how they are making that happen using familiar tools that most of us have used for decades.

Real-time coauthoring. Word 2016 on Windows desktop offers real-time coauthoring, meaning multiple people can work on a file at once. You can actually see changes being made as they happens. This year, Microsoft expanded that capability to PowerPoint. The "real-time presence" function allows you to see who else is working on a PowerPoint document and where.

Easy group creation. Quickly create groups in Outlook 2016. Groups are public by default, and you can join a public group without waiting for permission. Each group uses an in-box as an easy way to keep all group members in the loop about ongoing discussions. You can use the group calendar to make meeting planning easy. Group members can schedule meetings, share documents and notes, or initiate quick Skype for Business calls. Watch this quick video to see the group feature in action.

Document sharing. It’s not the sexiest feature, but when we collaborate, document sharing is what most of us do. One report says that for Office 365 users on mobile devices, online and offline document access represents 81% of our activity. That makes sense, because most business collaboration occurs around documents—contracts, proposals, specs, etc.   

Video calls and IM. Skype for Business in Office 365 allows easy-to-initiate video or voice calls, as well as IM. Presence indicators show who’s available, and impromptu conference calls and group IM chats can be done with the click of a button. You can also schedule calls inside Outlook 2016.

Coming soon … updated discovery features inside Delve. In February, Microsoft announced an update to Delve inside Office 365. If you’re not already familiar with Delve, it’s a tool that serves up personalized content that you’re most likely to need or find helpful. The latest Delve update helps you quickly discover new content and people at work. Delve now offers profile pages, showing your colleagues and their connections. This update helps you learn more about your coworkers, who they are connected to, how they are connected, and what they are working on. This video shows you the usefulness of the Delve update.

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