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As vaccinations continue to roll out and offices begin welcoming more employees in, how do you make sure those in conference rooms can work with people who choose to stay remote?

Enable your remote workers and hybrid office with Microsoft Teams calling. The age of a desk phone is over!

You see it in the headlines nearly every day: yet another company has suffered a data breach, or from ransomware. It's a difficult problem to fix, but Microsoft offers several tools to improve your security posture, and Magenium is here to help you use them the right way.

Building and maintaining apps across iOS, Android, and Windows can be painful and expensive - but Xamarin helps us make our apps work across all 3 easily.

Microsoft Teams has totally changed the collaboration game, and we highlight a few reasons why we love it so much.

DXNotifi is our digital signage solution. Here, we outline why we love it so much in under 60 seconds!

Microsoft Teams is the newest tool for collaboration from the Office 365 suite of applications. With it you can use persistent chat, collaborate on teams, share files, and even run your conference calls.

Managed IT services can be confusing and complex. We wanted to break it down for you! Take away the pain and complexity with this two minute video.

In around 60 seconds, we highlight the transition from the work AVI Solutions is best at into the work Magenium is best at.

On March 1st, 2018, Magenium Solutions announced its merger with AVI Systems out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Here co-founders Tim Traxinger and Tom LaMantia explain what this new direction means for customers.

Curious about what's possible with technology in an office? Here are just a few of the tricks we have up our sleeve. Skype for Business. Digital Signage. Mixed reality. Stop by and see for yourself!