Managed Services

Losses from technology-related downtime and security breaches can be painful for enterprises, but devastating to small and mid-sized organizations. Our Managed Services offerings provide everything you need to support, maintain, and upgrade your infrastructure and applications, giving you peace of mind to run your business as usual.

Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms Managed Services

Microsoft Teams Rooms systems are fantastic productivity tools for the hybrid era. However, they are a network-connected device that requires occasional maintenance, and sometimes things go wrong and require attention. Together with our parent company AVI Systems we have created MTR Pro Advanced services, designed to provide proactive monitoring and alerting, incident management, configuration management, and advanced reporting & insights.

Proactive Monitoring Services

Your organization has mission-critical components such as servers, infrastructure, data storage, and network applications. If any of these go down productivity stops, customers can’t purchase from you, and everything becomes generally painful. Our proactive monitoring services operate 24/7, alerting the right people when trouble arises – and we respond with predetermined escalation and remediation processes. Our highly experience staff responds to those issues to bring you back online without the added cost of dedicated full time staff.

End Point Protection Services

Our End Point protection program combines key components behind the scenes to protect you from new attacks of all kind. Our proactive approach begins by defending your system from from attacks through patching, anti-virus, and anti-malware. By keeping all of your systems and devices up to date at the operating system and application level, we prevent most attacks from occurring in the first place. For the rare situation of a rapidly-moving new attack, we have added Cloud Backups to our solution. This ensures that if a system becomes compromised, we can always roll systems back to previous conditions.

Network & Infrastructure Management

Your internal network going down is extraordinarily painful. Our Infrastructure Management services deliver peace of mind through a comprehensive approach of:
• Monitoring
• Planned Maintenance windows
• Rapid Response
• System documentation and status reporting
The end result is a resilient network that enables you and your team to access critical systems and communicate freely.

Application and Cloud Management

Every organization has a mix of applications that include things like Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and many others. Some of these run locally and others are 100% cloud-based applications, but all of them must be available and running during the workday. Our Application & Cloud management services protect and support those assets with a combination of proactive monitoring, alerting, and remediation from our centralized team of experts.

IT Management Services

Running an effective IT team is a highly specialized (and often expensive) role. With our IT Management services it doesn’t have to be. We take full responsibility for the execution and management of every Managed Service offering, becoming a key partner for you and your IT systems. We can put together the right team to either provide or manage:
• Service desk
• Infrastructure management
• Application and cloud management
• IT projects and more

We are committed to turning your IT environment into a scalable, performance-driven system that continually adjusts to your business and the technology environment, freeing you to focus on running your business.

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