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We help Microsoft customers like you shorten time to issue resolution while decreasing costs when it comes to Microsoft platform support. Our Premier Services+ offering gives you the things you expect from Microsoft Premier Support, plus a lot more.

Save up to 40% replacing Microsoft Premier & Unified Support

Why Magenium Premier Services+ is the Best Microsoft Support You Can Buy

Rapid Issue Resolution

Rapid Issue Resolution

Our team of local experts stand by to ensure your tickets are created, addressed, and resolved in a timely fashion. You may be used to support that can take days or weeks to resolve issues – we bring a sense of urgency that you will find refreshing.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Because we have our own team of in-house engineers, usually we can resolve your issues most cost-effectively without having to engage Microsoft! This saves you time and money.

Highly Certified Consultants

Highly-Certified, US-based Support Team

Because we house our own in-house Microsoft Expertise, we don’t have to buy it at the higher price you would get if you tried to get support on your own.

Proactive Consultants

Personalized, Proactive Support Model

As one of our customers, you’re more than just a number. We take the time to get to know you and your business, and we behave like a trusted business partner doing the right things for your business.

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Support for your Microsoft products and environments is pretty much a requirement today just to keep business running smoothly. We have a comprehensive support offering designed to reduce costs, enhance productivity and help you realize new business opportunities. Our Premier Services+ offering gives you everything you expect from Microsoft support, plus:

  • Lightning fast response and resolution times
  • Access to project deployment teams if support isn’t enough
  • Dozens of local, highly-certified Microsoft professionals

Potential Savings with Premier Services+

Faster cloud migrations
Reduction in critical downtime incidents
Reduction in cybersecurity overhead

Expand Your IT Support Team Without Growing Headcount

Your IT teams are already incredibly busy and short-staffed. Give them a lifeline and expand your team without having to fight for headcount adjustments.

With Premiere Services+, Magenium can help free your IT staff for more strategic initiatives. We’ll handle the heavy lifting of fixing things as they break or even ahead of time with the proactive portion of our services.We’ll provide a diverse set of skills to keep everything running smoothly while your teams spend time on the initiatives you know you need to tackle to move your business forward. Make the choice to improve your teams productivity by removing the roadblocks that keep them bogged down.

What if a support issue turns into more than just support?

That’s where we shine. We are a 16+ year partner with Microsoft focused on delivering highly-visible success in IT projects that move business forward. Everything from Azure migrations to Teams Room deployments – we can handle all of your Microsoft needs.

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