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Pardon The Dust – We’ve Been Remodeling!

You may have noticed the fresh blue upholstery on a few of our properties. Today, we are launching Magenium Solutions’ brand refresh. Our logo, color palette, and more have been updated to reflect a lot of changes that have happened here over the last 5 years.

Today we’d like to walk you through why and how.

It Was Time For Change

When we originally started out 16 years ago, our brand was a bit more reserved and in-line with traditional IT consulting firms. Five years ago, we successfully merged with our parent company, AVI Systems. This merger brought two powerhouses together: an a/v integration firm with a global footprint and a boutique Microsoft consulting company with big aspirations.

The last five years have been spent streamlining internal processes between the two companies, developing comprehensive Teams Rooms solutions for the enterprise, and finding new ways to serve the marketplace with leading technology solutions from Microsoft.

With all of this happening behind the scenes, we felt it was time to update our look to reflect who we are today without changing who we are or our company name.

The Goals Of Our Rebrand

The rebrand of course needed to refresh our look and feel. Magenium as a brand needed to be able to stand as its own organization. Simultaneously, it needed to be immediately recognizable as an AVI Systems’ company. Think of how relationships between auto manufacturers work and you begin to see some parallels. A Lexus is still a Toyota, but is very much a Lexus. In much the same way, Magenium is an AVI Systems company, but still very much Magenium. We are 2 organizations and 1 at the same time, but your experience as a customer of both will be a smooth one.

Below you can see where we started and the direction we are now going. The new look is lighter, more modern, and feels fresh. But it also feels very AVI.

New Logo vs Old Logo with color palette
New Logo vs Old Logo with color palette



What You Can Expect Going Forward

As mentioned earlier, we are still the Magenium you’ve come to know and love for Microsoft expertise. If it’s been a while since you’ve worked with us, you should reach out since our capabilities as an AVI Systems company have expanded dramatically.

So that’s it – our rebranding is live and you’ll continue to see more and more with our new logo and colors. Thanks for reading and contact us today if you’re looking at your next Microsoft project.

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