Search Engine Optimization

Through analyzing both the structure and technical details of your website — as well as the queries you are interested in — we come up with the best solution to optimize your website and make it shine for Google and other major search engines. When customers search for your product or service, we want them to find you. Our initial SEO strategy consists of three areas: including a comprehensive website audit, optimization plan, and ongoing maintenance. While black hat techniques can be tempting for short term results, we will partner with your business to manage an effective white hat strategy for growing search exposure over time, building an asset that will continue to bring potential customers to your online properties for the long-term.

#1: Comprehensive website audit. We evaluate your website’s friendliness and optimization for search engines, especially from a technical standpoint. Our team of web developers and seasoned coders will pinpoint and address technical issues that may be impacting your search engine rankings.

#2: Optimization plan. We partner with you, working from the website audit, to identify high priority items that may be resolved quickly — with a high impact.  Further analysis may include a review of website traffic, queries and keywords captured, “warnings” and other resolvable SEO issues. We collaborate with your business to determine searches that are key to your industry, setting high level and longtail search goals to your website traffic and search visibility to establish evergreen content for growth.

#3: Ongoing technical monitoring and maintenance. SEO is a marathon; it’s not a sprint. Google and its competitors are constantly evolving their techniques and algorithms, and your business’s results hangs in the balance. Our team will monitor your website to adapt to this ever-changing environment and ensure compliance with search engine standards.

#4: Exposure and Growth. It’s simply not effective in the long haul to create one piece of content or make a simple tweak; growing your exposure on Google is a fitness plan for your business’s visibility online, and requires dedication and expertise. We’ll learn about your business and your customers to pinpoint what searchers are looking for, how they are searching, and how to get them to your website — as well as develop an effective content strategy to target keywords and queries that bring customers to your doorstep.

Our team utilizes over a decade of experience in development, marketing, and SEO techniques, leveraging industry proven tools and technologies to bring your customers to you — and give them what they’re looking for.

To begin maximizing value and increasing revenue through search exposure, contact us on our website or call 1-630-786-5900 to kickoff your SEO audit today.