IoT with Azure


IoT (Internet of Things) has changed the way the we connect devices to the internet and other devices. With IoT you are now able to connect with people and share data over one shared network, whether they are in the office or halfway across the world.

With Azure IoT you are able to have a collection of managed and platform services across edge and cloud that secure, keep an eye on, and manage billions of IoT assets. Azure considers how their services work in combination across devices, insights, systems, and tools.

Why Magenium?

You may be asking yourself, why Magenium for your IoT needs? Well, it is simple. We want to connect your IoT with Microsoft Azure. As a Microsoft partner we are trained in all things Microsoft. This can give you peace of mind when we connect your devices using Azure. In addition to this, with the help of Microsoft Azure, we can help you create different mobile applications and websites that will all be under your IoT.


Security You Can Trust

Azure is the most proactive leader in IoT security. With Azure IoT you can trust that your data is secure from start point to the cloud.


Flexible Development

We want to help you get exactly what you want. We can help you build whatever it is you are looking for with Azure IoT and make sure that you are receiving the best quality possible.


Broaden your scale

With Azure IoT you have access to the largest IoT partner ecosystem. With data centers all over the globe and the largest compliance portfolio of any cloud provider Azure IoT is the way to go.

We Can Help

It is important to make sure your IoT is on the right path. We can help you make that decision.

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