Application Modernization

Modernize your back end and legacy applications with Magenium Solutions. We deliver customized web, mobile, and desktop software solutions for B2B, B2C, and internal business operations and scalable app modernization solutions to maximize your workflow. We'll help you ensure that your legacy apps are migrated into a solution that drives your business forward, with compatibility across systems and scalability for the future.

App Modernization


Modernize Legacy Apps

App modernization is a necessity for the future of technology frameworks

App Modernization from Magenium Solutions: Compatibility & Scalability

Compatibility and Agility

Seamless updates, scalability, and compatibility between systems ensure business continuity

App Modernization from Magenium Solutions: Streamlined Tools including Azure DevOps

Streamlined Tools

Reduce development time-to-market with best in class industry tools including Azure DevOps

App Modernization from Magenium Solutions: A Top Tier Microsoft Partner

Upgrades and Migrations

A top-tier Microsoft solutions partner to help guide your upgrades and migrations from start to finish

Application modernization is not only the wave of the future, but a necessity for the future. Running old technology, for example .NET 4.6 or 4.3, is a risk for support in the future. Microsoft recommends .NET Core 7, and if legacy apps are not brought up to date, you may find yourself in a position of having an unsupported framework.

App modernization ensures compatibility and agility as your business grows and moves forward.

As technology evolves, app modernization ensures that your apps will evolve along with it, increasing developer velocity.  You can spend more time building new things – and less time struggling to support legacy apps.

  • Seamless updates and changes lead to security and reliability 
  • Automatic scaling that responds to demand 
  • Maintain business continuity and current processes 

Developers should spend their time developing, not building infrastructure. 

Cloud-based tools and services help to streamline the development process, resulting in faster time to market.  

  • Elastic scaling to quickly respond to demand 
  • Leverage task automation and automation in Azure for regular tasks, such as backups and updates 
  • Azure DevOps helps maintain and automate your development pipeline 
  • Multilayered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence with Azure threat protection

Updating legacy apps and modernizing environments is a process, and not a one-and-done deal.

Partner with someone who specializes in app modernization, and can move you to a cloud-first approach. We’ll support you into the future with cloud platform services and tools to help secure, govern, manage, and optimize your apps.

Magenium Solutions is a top-tier Microsoft partner with decades of experience. We specialize in several different app modernization services, including: 

  • Updating legacy applications to run on newer platforms and cloud platform integration services
  • Adding new features and capabilities to existing applications 
  • Migrating applications to new environments

Contact us today to learn more about our app modernization services and how we can help update your applications to take advantage of new features and capabilities, streamlining the way work gets done. 


Magenium Solutions is a top-tier Microsoft partner with decades of experience. Partner with Magenium Solutions to start modernizing today!

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