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SharePoint Spaces

Today's guest blogger is Jim Sottosanto, Office365 Technical Architect

Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, one thing everyone has become more aware of than ever is SPACE.  Whether it be distance (6 feet or more), the size of a space or how many people are in a space, people want to be familiar with space and how they can safely use and move through it.  In many cases, people do not want to travel or visit spaces at all.  Due to travel and quarantine restrictions it may not be practical or feasible to drive or fly to a place.

Office 365

Today's Guest Blogger is Eric Fritz, Managing Consultant

We know that Microsoft Teams has us covered when working remotely.  However, some really had to go back to office, some are planning to go back, and others may never go back.  In this post, I want to share some creative ways of utilizing Office 365 to make heading back to the office safe and less stressful.


Have you ever asked why your business isn't visible in online search?

You may be a business owner, a manager, a self-employed freelancer or creative — but no matter what, you need to have a website. A primary website is the centerpiece of your online digital presence and digital marketing plan, and a healthy website is vital to getting your business discovered on search.

Power BI Dashboard

Companies have gotten good - no, really good at collecting data. Reporting on it in a timely fashion for decision makers has always been an issue, at least if you leaned heavily on SSRS reports. Thankfully, Power BI solves a lot of those challenges. With that, we give you the top 10 reasons you should make the switch. 

SharePoint 2010 Retirement

Microsoft announced on July 6th  of this year that they will retire SharePoint 2010 workflows in all Office 365 Tenants. 

Conference Room

As Covid-19 cases in Illinois continue to drop and we’ve entered Phase 4 of the reopening, we are happy to announce that our office is now open again for visits. For all of you who have been here before, you know that our office is essentially a showcase for modern office technology.

We have several different styles of Microsoft Teams rooms from simple huddle room setups to a large, dual screen conference room.

Microsoft Pix

I'm always playing with new technology and sometimes forget a lot of it is really worth sharing. Here's just a couple I've really enjoyed lately. 

Teams New Features

Nothing like a global pandemic to give pause for reflection and seek perspective.  A lot of people are giving well deserved praised to those on the front lines, health care workers, police, fire and all those necessary workers on the food and essential goods supply chain.  Thank you.


Are you looking to share your calendar with people outside of your organization so they can find the best time to schedule a meeting with you? This blog post shows you exactly how.

Team Custom Background

Last week, Microsoft began rolling out a feature where users can change their background. Super helpful if you’ve got kids running around in the background (or just have a really messy office). To change your background when you’re in a call, click the 3 ellipses shown below, and select “show background effects.”