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Using Dynamics CRM Helps Sales Teams Collaborate and Highlight Opportunities

Changing the course of how a sales team tracks client interactions, opportunities and successes can look like a difficult path. But adoption of an easy to use technology may be less of a hurdle than expected …

Changing the course of how a sales team tracks client interactions, opportunities and successes can look like a difficult path. But adoption of an easy to use technology may be less of a hurdle than expected and worth a transition when you consider potential advantages.

Companies know some of their best client data and insights are stored in the cellphones and head-knowledge of sales reps, creating challenges to accurate sales forecasting.  That knowledge is in addition to the so-called “paper mountain” – the stacks of paper tracking forms or excel spreadsheets which contain helpful data but are manually intensive to integrate and analyze. In today’s always-on business cycle, employees and clients are no longer content to wait for the analysis. Failure to meet the expectation of rapid access to customer information, and solutions specific to the client can result in lost business. What if a technology that was easy to use could indeed give salespeople access to customer information, while also tracking progress in the pipeline automatically, freeing up valuable time for salespeople to engage more opportunities to close? Based on our extensive experience, we believe Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a customer relationship management (CRM) technology, is such a solution. Dynamics CRM puts sales team on a path of collaboration with data and details which results in more effective interaction through improved knowledge of customer needs and sales trends. The following features of Microsoft Dynamics are worth reviewing as you consider how technology can empower your sales team.

First of all, consider ease of adoption and use. By choosing a Microsoft-built product, the look and feel is familiar for users of Microsoft Windows or Outlook products. At Magenium Solutions we say that ‘if your team knows how to use Outlook, they already know how to use Dynamics CRM.” The technology also moves with your sales people, whenever and wherever they are, allowing them access to customer data from tablet, phones, or laptops in the office or the field.

A successful sales team communicates internally as well as externally. Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes integrated communication features such as your own business social network, which allows sales people to add insights for each client. CRM makes client files viewable in real-time by the entire team prior to client engagement. The Dynamics CRM solution can also seamlessly connect your team using social posts, Yammer, and Skype for Business (formerly Lync), collaboration tools each designed to work with Dynamics CRM.

Making the client experience personalized but consistent is another plus for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  At Magenium Solutions, we help customers use this CRM technology to create a guided sales process based on their custom “best practices”. Our “envisioning experts” help clients focus in on the way they want customer interactions to happen and how best to translate those processes into a system the entire team can follow.

As you follow a consistent sales process, you’ll also gain new insights about your clients. We’ve found this technology helps companies manage and turn those new customer insights into qualified leads using the integration of “Insights” for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – powered by InsideView – and bypassing the need for hours of manual entry that previously drained sales resources. This tool provides interactive analytics and the ability to highlight opportunities you may not have known existed prior to adopting Dynamics CRM. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can use historical data to define predictors of purchasing decisions for customers such as estimating the number of potential customers in danger of being lost or expected lifetime values. This tool can also show you products that customers are more likely to purchase together.

Why Magenium Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

  • Experience:  To effectively implement CRM solutions, you need to work with IT professionals who can help you envision how CRM will best help your business process. Among the leading IT consultants in Dynamics CRM, Magenium Solutions consultants have the ideal combination of both consultant skills and technical knowledge.
  • Balanced Portfolio of Services: We don’t have to outsource related technologies to make CRM work best for your business. We can access an in-house team at Magenium Solutions to help you combine Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Office, Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Yammer.
  • Agility: Organic conditions in today’s business require consultants who can respond and react to change with you. Our consultants focus on personalized service, tailoring our approach to your business needs and project processes.

We are also a Microsoft Gold partner in Dynamics CRM, putting us in the top 1% of partners.In addition, Magenium Solutions employ’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs (there are only 60 in the world!)

For more information about Dynamics CRM, contact Magenium Solutions today.

Our CRM service includes

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  • Implementation
  • Training and support

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