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The Power of the Portal to Link You, Your Employees, and Your Clients

Collaboration drives your business success. You need secure, accessible portals where clients and employees share data and information.

If information is power, then collaboration is power squared.

Collaboration allows your employees to take advantage of group knowledge. It drives productivity by putting tools, data, and documents all within easy reach of your teams. But how and where does this collaboration occur? Collaboration is delivered through easy-to-use portals that propel your business success. With secure, accessible portals, your clients and employees can easily share data and information.

The Improved SharePoint Employee Experience

Gone are the days of being a mere document repository; Microsoft SharePoint is now infinitely customizable. It can be custom-designed, coded, and deployed specifically to meet the needs of your business and its teams.

You can easily create intranets, team sites, and even individual employee sites. Your employees can "follow" sites and colleague activity directly within SharePoint. For greater flexibility, the application allows your team to organize and collaborate on the same documents in real time at the same time.

Better Data Collection All In One Place

Many businesses have concerns about remote access and compliance. At Magenium, we’ve helped companies faced with the dilemma of “content sprawl.” That occurs when documents and resources are not centralized or easy to access. This problem wastes the time and efforts of your employees and runs counter to the problem these platforms were meant to solve. Fortunately, SharePoint’s document organization ability resolves this critical problem, as well as enables your company to quickly locate and hold documents during critical business or regulatory events.

Security in the Cloud and Over Mobile Devices Built on SharePoint Tech

Portals work well inside the confines of your on-premise infrastructure. But what happens when your employees, vendors, or customers need access from anywhere using their mobile devices? As you shift data to the cloud, Magenium helps you protect and organize sensitive data, but also enables secure and controlled access to your business data from virtually any mobile device from anywhere. You’ll have the ability to invite users to share documents both inside and outside your company using OneDrive for Business. This personalized, secure online document library for users is built on SharePoint technology within Office 365.

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner for portals and collaboration with recognized expertise in collaboration tools. If you want to explore the power of collaboration using SharePoint, please contact us or call +1 (630) 786-5900.

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