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Never be Late for an Online Meeting Again (and Maybe get a Bathroom Break Once in a While)

Today’s guest blogger is Jim Sottosanto, Senior Consultant

With more people working remotely it has noticeably increased the number of online meetings I have in a day, which has increased the number of back-to-back meetings throughout the day. We all know most meetings never end on time and occasionally go over so, I can pretty much guarantee I am going to be late to a good portion of my meetings.  Sound familiar?  I started thinking that I should schedule my meetings to end 5-10 minutes early, but I always seems to forget to do that. Then I found this in Outlook’s options:

Now all meetings that I schedule end 5 minutes before the duration of the meeting, giving me some breathing room before my next meeting or if I need that couple of extra minutes to wrap up, I have some contingence.

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