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Going Beyond Microsoft Secure Score

Microsoft Secure Score is a tool that will allow organizations to compare their O365 settings against a security baseline created by Microsoft. If your organization has a subscription that that includes Office 365 Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Business, or Office 365 Business Premium, you can view your organization’s secure score by visiting You can get a good read at this link. Secure Score is a great tool, but it doesn’t take in the bigger picture. 

In the world of cyber security, the threats are constantly evolving.  Microsoft is responding and leading the charge to keep you and your data safe.  If you are not moving forward to improve your security stance, you are standing still, and ultimately you are falling behind. 

At Magenium, we have responded to a number of requests for help because organizations were actively being attacked.  We’re seeing password spray attacks daily, ransomware threats, you name it.  This isn’t stuff we hear or read about any longer, we’re seeing it in real time, every day.  We ‘ve also been responding to our customers audit mitigation needs where multifactor authentication is typically in the top 3 findings and recommendations to implement.  In short, we have taken what we have learned and are putting it into action.  What have we learned?  One thing we’ve learned is that while we can be called in after the breach and implement recommended security features, we can do far more to help organizations be proactive in improving their security posture in advance of an incident.

We have developed a short audit engagement around the Microsoft Cloud Services and the technologies and infrastructure needed to deliver these services.  If you are not aware of your Secure Score in Office 365 portal, you are at risk for things like password cracking, account breach, and elevation of privilege.   Microsoft offers one of the most secure cloud offerings on the planet.  But as an example, it is the technologies around the services such as the identity ecosystem provided by organizations’ on premises infrastructure where issues creep in.  We want to help our customers understand their risk and roadmap the remediation.

We get it.  Budgets, personnel resources, the rate at which technology changes make it almost impossible for IT staffs to keep up.  That’s why we include in our audit an evaluation of security spend.  Microsoft is doing a great job of building an ecosystem of technologies to cover many of the vectors, we’ll help secure those vectors, and go beyond the score with our customized engagement built off our experience.

Contact us regarding our audit offering and get some piece of mind by knowing where you stand.


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