Azure AD Connect 1.x is Retiring. We Can Help.

Azure AD Connect 1.x is Going Away. Are You Ready?

On August 31, 2022, Microsoft’s Azure AD (Active Directory) Connect versions 1.x are all being retired. This means if your organization is using one of these older versions, multiple systems will break simultaneously. This includes authentications with Office 365, Teams, and any other authentication using AD Connect.

What Does This Mean?

Now is the time to prepare and migrate to the latest version of Azure AD Connect. Some organizations will attempt this with an in-place upgrade and have run into issues such as registries disappearing and other nasty side effects. It is for this reason (and others) that we do not recommend taking shortcuts for this type of upgrade.

It is Magenium’s position that the optimum way to manage this process is through a swing migration with a fresh Azure environment. It can be a bit more labor-intensive, but ensures several things:

  • No changes get made to your server environment that you don’t want
  • You wind up with the latest operating system and version of AD Connect
  • The least amount of risk to your data & environment

Assess & Migrate

The good news is Magenium has performed this upgrade numerous times and in many different environments. We’ve more or less seen it all with this type of upgrade.

With our AD Connect Upgrade assessment, we’ll deliver a plan & timeline to ensure your mission-critical applications see no negative impact & you wind up with the most up to date environment going forward.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Upgrade your organization to the latest version of Azure AD Connect
  • Keep all of your Azure-connected apps & environments running flawlessly
  • Enjoy new features & functionality with no data or functionality loss

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