Reduce Your Administrative Overhead with Rooms Managed Services

Intelligent Incidents & Remediations

Managed Services with AI Operations capability now includes intelligent detection of incidents based on complex patterns seen across multiple signals over time and automated remediation of a variety of incident types.

This reduces disruptions by identifying trouble spots and reducing downtime – all without you having to manually check the functionality of each room. Find out about problems before they become major incidents for your workforce.

Security Monitoring and Updates Management

Advanced Threat Protection (based on Microsoft Defender) and management of security updates to ensure multi-layer security for room devices.

In-built and proactive security update management delivers peace of mind – again, without you having to manually handle these things.

Remote Provisioning of Teams devices

With Teams Admin Center, you can quickly and easily provision new devices and add them to your environment.

You don’t even have to be in the room to do it!

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