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After 28 years in the mainframe world, the prospect of learning a whole new tool set was a bit daunting. Like it or not, familiar tools such as Adabas, Natural, MVS, etc., offered ever-dwindling development opportunities.

Calculating Aggregates with Dynamics CRM 2013 Real-Time Workflows

Real-time workflows are one of the most important new features in Dynamics CRM 2013. And one important new feature available only in real-time workflows is the option of running an automatic workflow before or after certain triggering events.

Recently, I had the opportunity to help a customer pilot Cisco Jabber 9.2 .x and Cisco’s full unified communications stack.  Subsequently, I helped that same customer rollout Microsoft Lync 2013.

One of the most important differences between real-time and background workflows is that all of the actions performed by a real-time workflow process are treated as part of a single transaction.

Ah… typing. Far from most modern workers’ favorite task, it is however completely unavoidable, and a necessary component of almost anyone’s work day. What many do not know is ...

Introducing CRM 2013 Business Rules

One of my favorite new features as an IT consultant of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is referred to as Business Rules. Basically, business rules let you create a dynamic user experience...

What can you do with SharePoint? SharePoint 2013 is a product that represents a new way to work together with people at the center of the SharePoint...

You might be facing some common challenges with your current email solution, including: • Inefficient communication capabilities hindering productivity.• Concerns about downtime and drains on IT time and budget. • Fears about data security and compliance.