Create an Office Worth Returning To

Millions of companies worldwide are struggling to get people back in the office. Mandates mean you lose top talent, and we think there’s a better way.

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The Importance of Creating an Office Worth Returning To

Flexible work. Hybrid work. Remote work. These are all phrases that describe the challenge so many organizations have faced since the pandemic and even before. We all need to work, and work together, so why is this so hard? The headlines are filled with organizations issuing “return to office” mandates, but we are convinced there is a better way. How? By creating an office worth returning to.

How Did Magenium do it?

In November 2023, we proudly opened our brand new Microsoft Experience Center here in Downers Grove, Illinois (just outside of Chicago, if you’re not familiar). We spent a year planning, building, and deploying an office space that was so good our employees would come in of their own volition. No mandates here!

We focused on building spaces that we knew people needed. Huddle spaces, small and medium conference rooms, board rooms, and even open area collaboration spaces. We filled each one with furniture that is as comfortable to sit on as it is appealing to look at. The final piece was choosing the correct Microsoft Teams technology each space, making each one truly unique and “purpose-built.” Nothing was left to accident. 

How Magenium can Help You do it, too

Let’s start by saying that in 2023 we were a finalist for Microsoft Partner of the Year in this type of work. We’ve done this a few times. 

While we just completed our own amazing build out, we’ve been doing this type of work together with our parent company, AVI Systems, for years. Decades, even. We’ll start by assessing your current workforce and office situation, and work with you to develop the right plan for your organization. This typically includes:

  • Microsoft Teams licensing discussions
  • An earnest discussion about the purpose of your spaces, and the right furniture
  • Hardware choices for your Microsoft Teams Room systems

The end result is an office you’ll have that’s worth returning to, again and again. Contact us today to get started. 

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