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Is your mobile team connected and secure?

Your team needs a consistent experience from any device at any location. How do you keep your team connected and your info secure?

On the go. That's a phrase most business people use to describe how and when their work gets done. Mobile devices have allowed us to distance work from the workplace. We're no longer tied to desktops or land lines or even offices.

IDC forecasts that the U.S. mobile worker population will reach 105.4 million mobile workers in 2020. They estimate mobile workers will account for 72.3 percent of the U.S. workforce. Mobility has allowed businesses to significantly boost their productivity, but at what cost? The ease of mobile use has removed the control and oversight of devices from the enterprise.

Your team needs a consistent experience and always-on connection. Your business needs the devices and the information they access to remain secure. How do you manage this delicate balance and retain control of your critical data?

There are many options to make device and system management simpler. We recommend the following:

  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (ESM)
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)

Microsoft touts SCCM as the BYOD solution. When paired with Intune, you can managed PCs, servers, and mobile devices from a single management console. SCCM and Intune help a business balance the practice of BYOD while still making sure they follow compliance and data protection requirements. Employees can install approved company applications through a company portal that remains consistent across devices and platforms. These tools also allow automatic VPN, Wi-Fi, email profiles, and authentication settings, making it easy for end users to access whatever company resources they need to do their jobs.

Rather than buying multiple standalone solutions, ESM provides a single solution in one package. With ESM you get identity and access management, mobile device and app management, data protection, as well as advanced threat detection.

MDOP offers a few essential features:

  • Application Virtualization: Makes sure apps are centrally managed and don’t conflict with other applications.
  • User Experience Virtualization: Creates a personal Windows experience across many devices.
  • BitLocker Administration and Monitoring: Helps scale deployments.
  • Advanced Group Policy Management: Keeps enterprise-wide desktop configurations updated.
  • Diagnostics and Recovery Toolkit: Helps IT teams make PCs safer to use.

How secure and connected is your mobile team? Learn more about our system and device management tools here. If you need help keeping your mobile team running smoothly and securely, contact us or call +1 (630) 786-5900.

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