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Ten Ways ClickDimensions Takes Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing to the Next Level

Do you want to better understand the return on your marketing investment with quantifiable results?

Do you want to better understand the return on your marketing investment with quantifiable results? Looking for the ability to track clicks, email bounces and website visits in order for your sales and marketing teams work together at each stage of the purchase funnel? Would you like to nurture leads through the sales pipeline with automation that scores prospects based on their activity prompted by the structured campaigns you design across multiple channels? If you’re ready to take your email marketing and automation to the next level with features like these, ClickDimensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the natural choice. Here are ten things you’ll love about ClickDimensions email marketing and automation solution:



  1. Full Integration: ClickDimensions is the only solution on the market that will fully integrate in Dynamics CRM. All data fully resides inside Dynamics CRM unlike other marketing solutions so that import and export tasks between systems are no longer necessary! Reports and dashboards can be created with ease and tapping into real-time information.
  2. Powerful Marketing Lists:   Building on the out-of-box functionality of Dynamics CRM, marketing lists can now be created using inbound marketing results that are available as individual list criteria or factored together as a score, and with advanced subscription management features.
  3. Personalized emails: ClickDimensions allows a number of personalization options for you to tailor your emails to customers, including –
    • Either one 'sender' for all sent emails or multiple 'senders' based on record owner (e.g., different owners of Contact, Account, and Lead records); after all, clients may respond better to emails from their account leads.
    • Using an alternate “reply to” email address
    • Specific templates can be selected on a per email basis. What's more, the template can leverage dynamic content for personalization based on entity specific information. All fields defined for the Account, Contacts, and Lead entities in Dynamics CRM can be used to personalize ClickDimensions Email templates and leveraged in one email template and any null or invalid fields are removed in the end-product
    • All emails sent using ClickDimensions can be sent to an individual CRM Lead or Contact and as a distribution list grouped in a CRM Marketing List (If a recipient appears in multiple lists ClickDimensions will only send them one email).
  4. Preview email on different clients and devices: ClickDimensions offers an inbox preview feature, on a limited monthly basis determined by subscription package, which allows you to test any email to see how it renders, simultaneously, in a variety of email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail), on mobile email clients (iPhone, Android and Blackberry), on web-based email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, and in various browsers to make sure every combination displays as anticipated. Note browser resolution is not currently evaluated.
  5. Nurture marketing campaigns using your best practices: Clients may require several points of contact before making a purchasing decision. But will you remember who you emailed last month about the latest product update or incentive? Click Dimensions and Dynamics CRM allows you to schedule and auto-execute nurture email campaigns. ClickDimensions emails can be scheduled for recurring sends using Nurture programs which facilitate a stream of messages to be sent based on a set schedule and/or using a variety of automated actions which can be triggered based on pre-defined results (e.g., recipient opened email or clicked on link).  Additionally, ClickDimensions emails can be sent using native CRM workflows to the extent permitted using the available conditions (e.g., wait/pause).
  6. User Friendly and Familiar: Clients rave about the user-friendly nature of Click Dimensions and Dynamics CRM because it works like other Microsoft programs they are already familiar with. For example, a drag and drop decision tree allows users to easily set up a nurture campaign. You can even include steps to automatically notify the sales team when clients respond.
  7. Forms for Website Integration:  Develop landing pages and forms such as "Contact Us" and "Event Registration" in ClickDimensions to be included as links in email sends for response tracking purposes (creates Email Event record in CRM) to quickly collect valuable information about your leads and contacts to make available to your sales team!
  8. Events integrated into CRM:  The responses your company receives to events created in platforms such as GoToWebinar, WebEx and Eventbrite give you valuable data on who may be interested in your products or needs a touch from customer service. Dynamics CRM uses the power of ClickDimensions to automatically load registration and attendee information into client files in CRM, making your post-event follow up a snap to assign and handle.
  9. Surveys linked to CRM: We’ve all tried the ‘ask a question’ technique to drive new sales leads. What if your business could offer professional-looking online surveys that didn’t create additional busywork for you on the backend? Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions will automatically link survey responses to client information in CRM which can be used by the easy-to-build Nurture workflows to prompt next steps for your sales or marketing teams.
  10. Scoring Responses: When customers visit your website, some click on one item, others spend time on multiple pages – wouldn’t it be nice to grade behavior in response to your campaigns? ClickDimensions scoring allows you to measure the interest level of an individual (i.e. Lead, Contact or Anonymous Visitor) in relation to your business or product. Score is calculated based on a number of criteria, including email clicks, Web form submissions, visits, page views, link clicks and file downloads. In addition, Web visitors can be tracked on a micro level by allowing you to see individual Leads, Contacts and Anonymous visitors who land on your site. You can also use this technology to see where customers are coming from and the keywords they used to find you.

To learn more or to add ClickDimensions and Dynamics CRM to boost your marketing, contact our team of CRM specialists at Magenium Solutions at or +1 630 786-5900.

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