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Rackspace Outage

Rackspace Hosted Email is Down. Call us to Restore Your Email

What we Know About Their Security Breach

On Friday, December 2nd, Rackspace experienced a security breach significant enough to bring their hosted Exchange email service down entirely.

Many social media reports mention not being able to restore all inboxes after migration. And given that email is used to store way too many documents, the risk of leaks is very significant.

As of this writing (December 5th, 9:40am CST) the following services are disrupted:

  • Hosted Exchange:
    • MAPI/RPC
    • POP
    • IMAP
    • SMTP
    • Outlook Web Access
    • ActiveSync

What This Means for You

If you are a Rackspace customer using their hosted Exchange email service, you and your organization do not have access to email. This includes emails that you may have received in the past few days as well as historical emails. That issue is crippling thousands of companies and millions of users right now.

What You Need to do

Rackspace has been encouraging customers like you to migrate their email service from Rackspace to Microsoft directly, and by themselves. This migration gets you access to the security and uptime resources that only Microsoft can provide. Unfortunately for most companies this migration is easier said than done. There are risks including losing access to all current and historical emails.

How Magenium Can Help

Magenium is a Microsoft 365 and Office 365 migration expert. We will securely build your Microsoft 365 tenant utilizing practices developed alongside Microsoft through our many years of experience in the industry. We will create all of your mailboxes, migrate all of your data, and manage the appropriate DNS entries to bring your email back online immediately.

To get started today contact us or call us at 630.786.5900 right now.

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