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A New(ish) Tool for Your Blockchain Strategy

Last year, we created a good overview of what blockchain is, and what it will eventually mean for businesses of many types. Interestingly enough, the World Bank’s perspective (perhaps the industry most likely to be impacted) is to embrace the technology fully. While blockchain hasn’t devoured the world quite yet, more and more organizations are adopting the technology to secure their transactions, reduce settlement times, and eliminate double spending.


What’s Changed Since Last Year?

For starters there are now a lot more tools available to businesses to get started with blockchain technology. Microsoft released their highly-touted Azure Blockchain Workbench which helps developers quickly create and deploy blockchain applications. This workbench enables developers to focus on defining what a contract is, instead of building the scaffolding of the application. It uses REST API’s for managing blockchain apps an users, so you can better integrate what you’re doing across your environment. 

Perhaps the best thing about the Azure Blockchain Workbench is how it looks and operates. As an end user, it looks just like Microsoft Office. It’s literally the “easy button” to deploy blockchain apps. 

Looking to Develop Something a bit More Complex?

Magenium’s development team now has several years of experience in developing and deploying blockchain-based applications. We’re accustomed to building these in the Azure cloud, or if you prefer, on-premises. Our blockchain apps all take advantage of the best of what makes blockchain: highly secure, decentralized, immutable transaction storage. 

If you’re at the point where blockchain is on your radar, contact us below and we’ll work with you to build the solution of tomorrow. 

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