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Working Remotely With Microsoft Teams

Make Remote Work Happen Quickly with Microsoft Teams

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the CDC is recommending social distancing and encouraging people to work from home if possible. This of course is with the hope of flattening the infection curve and giving hospitals, health providers, and government agencies a chance to keep up and reduce overall fatalities.

Last Wednesday, Microsoft asked 50,000 Seattle-area employees to stay home and use Microsoft Teams if they could, and most complied overnight. By the end of the next day, chat on Teams was up 50 percent week over week and Teams meetings were up 37 percent.

Clearly, Microsoft has created a product that enables people to be connected and productive no matter where they physically reside.

Our Experience With Teams

Here at Magenium we have spent the last 3 years deploying Microsoft Teams and Teams Room conferencing systems at companies of all sizes. We’ve learned that by enabling Teams, these organizations combine chat, video calls, telephone, file collaboration and more to reduce the back and forth of email and improve productivity.

We have also learned that deploying Teams is more complex than simply enabling the application in Office 365. The application is extremely powerful but there are considerations that need to be made with regard to internal and external networking, workflows, personas, and use cases.  Magenium can get you up and running quickly.

Pandemic preparation requires an alternate worksite. Prepare for it now and for your future to ensure your business will survive and thrive. We are ready, willing, and able. Let’s get started. Contact us below.

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