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Magenium helps Sipi AR Automate Service Requests and Reporting

Service requests needed automation

Sipi Asset Recovery (Sipi AR), a global leader in providing secure IT asset disposition (secure ITAD), was looking for a way to automate the process of service requests from customers. Additionally, customers required quick, easy, secure access to reports on the status of their assets.

Sipi AR was using  ServiceNow to manage ticketing and asset integration, but there was a need for their customers to be able to pull data in real time and search for an asset by many fields, including by serial number, for tracking purposes.

Every customer had a different need and required custom reports, so this new solution also needed to be flexible. Flexibility in reporting meant providing access to real-time data they could filter and see just what they needed, whether it be financial information or very specific details such as what happened to a certain serial number, when, and where it is now.

Some of Sipi’s customers are hospitals and banks with extra certification requirements and privacy concerns, so the highest security standards must also be met.

SIPI AR reached out to their IT services and solutions partner, Magenium Solutions, with this request.

Magenium provided a solution

Magenium met the task head on, by creating a custom Application Programming Interface (API) and portal for Sipi that fit their needs perfectly.

The first step was to replace their legacy system with a new custom portal system that would integrate with ServiceNow and connect via API to a ServiceNow custom portal.

The new custom portal that Magenium created also allows any remote client to securely connect using OAuth 2.0 to download their data. This ensures that the data remains secure, and customers can easily manage monthly reports, get financial reports, track inventory, and access certificates of destruction when necessary.

Additionally, the new API system allows customers to automate the process of calling for a service request from Sipi. Scheduling a pick-up of retired assets is now a hands-off process. When a customer has retired equipment in need of disposition, for example, they tell the portal how many items to pick up, when they would like them scheduled, if they need certificates of destruction, and where to find the items to pick up. Sipi receives the request and the team is set into action.

Using ServiceNow and the new custom portal, everything is tracked with all the details the customer needs to know, including the date the asset was retired, which department it belongs to, and any other details the customer needs for their inventory, right down to serial numbers. Once the selected items are picked up and properly disposed of, customers automatically receive a report. Later, when customers require inventory reports, they can quickly look up the status of an asset at any time, allowing concise tracking and reporting.

Partner with Magenium for your solution

Sipi AR is proud to offer this new portal to their customers, and Magenium is happy they could provide a quick, easy, secure access solution for their clients.

Whether your requirements involve value recovery, responsible recycling, asset inventory, or data destruction, Sipi AR creates programs like this to meet your needs—while maintaining the highest levels of physical and data security. Find out more about Sipi AR and how they can help with your ITAD needs; start a partnership with them today for an easier tomorrow.

Do you have business processes that could be automated? Partner with Magenium to find unique ways to smooth out the kinks in your workflow.

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