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Getting started with Dynamics CRM: The Bridge Between Marketing and Sales

Good marketers know that building awareness and creating loyalty through consistent and value-added communications will help sales.

Good marketers know that building awareness and creating loyalty through consistent and value-added communications will help sales. Today’s multichannel marketing can be time-intensive, and the process can appear opaque to other marketing and sales team members. The ‘out of the box’ marketing module in Dynamics CRM helps marketers connect with customers and prospects, while offering real-time information sharing to internal stakeholders so they can recognize and act on leads and customer interest.

Here’s a look at default capabilities offered in the marketing work area of Dynamics CRM. Clients typically transition to this technology to get them started running cost-effective marketing campaigns. The marketing module includes basic tools to make marketing lists, build campaigns and manage activities within that campaign. You can:

  • Create targeted lists by area or industry.
  • Build new campaigns – including email and social – across multiple platforms in one program.
  • Create activities and assign those to different team members.
  • Manage financial costs of campaigns with cost metrics.
  • Includes ‘out of the Box’ options for Standard or Quick campaigns.

Here’s a few more ways it can help your marketing efforts. Dynamics CRM allows marketers to make phone calls or send emails to target recipients and schedule meetings. Campaign-related activities by an external vendor can be imported into your marketing module. For instance, an external call center is making fundraising calls for you. You can import results of that activity into the CRM even though it is done by a third party.

Dynamics CRM, which uses a familiar Microsoft look and feel, is also designed with tools to help companies evaluate results. Using Microsoft’s CRM solution, you can execute and then replicate successful efforts to create sales opportunities. Marketers can generate analytics on campaign performance for insights into ROI. The marketing module also includes reporting by activity or in comparison to other campaigns.  

Another positive for Dynamics Marketing is an increased opportunity for real-time engagement with your sales personnel. This CRM system bridges the gap between sales and marketing efforts with a 360? view. Responses from campaign targets can be recorded manually or Dynamics CRM allows you to convert email, phone calls or events into a response.

  • Integrate email marketing technology with structured sales processes
  • Vet prospects as sales-ready leads
  • Launch an effective marketing campaign to drive leads into the top of the sales funnel.

Sales can have visibility into marketing activities specific by account or contact in real-time, and can also provide actionable feedback.

Why Magenium Solutions for CRM?

  • ExperienceTo effectively implement CRM solutions, you need to work with IT professionals who can help you envision how CRM will best help your business process. As leading Chicago IT consultants in CRM, Magenium Solutions consultants have the ideal combination of both consultant skills and technical knowledge.
  • Balanced Portfolio of ServicesWe don’t have to outsource related technologies to make CRM work best for your business. We can access an in-house team at Magenium Solutions to help you combine Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Office, Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Yammer.
  • AgilityOrganic conditions in today’s business require consultants who can respond and react to change with you. Our consultants focus on personalized service, tailoring our approach to your business needs and project processes.

 We are also a Microsoft Gold partner in Dynamics CRM, putting us in the top 1% of partners. In addition, Magenium Solutions works with two of only 60 Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVPs in the world.


 Our CRM service includes

  • CRM Envisioning
  • CRM Implementation
  • CRM Training and Support

 For more information about CRM, contact Magenium Solutions today.


Phone:  +1 (630)786-5900

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