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GatherNote gets a Big Update

Our powerful app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices gets a whole new user interface and more productivity tweaks. 

Great news for all of our GatherNote users – big changes have hit! If you haven’t updated your apps in a while you’re going to want to get the latest version now available for both iPhone and iPad.


What’s New


A totally redesigned user interface is the first thing you’ll notice. We’ve now switched to a card-based interface as you see below, which makes it easier to track and manage various elements of the project you’re taking notes on.


Now you can simply scroll down through all notes related to a project instead of jumping in and out of pinned items. In our example, we’re documenting the changes we want to make to our kitchen for the remodeling team.


New, Better Sharing Options

In this update, now you can save your project directly to DropBox or OneDrive. Once there it’s as easy to share the project as any other file on those cloud drives.


Of course, you can still make notes directly on photos, annotate measurements, and save changes as you could before. The latest version of GatherNote is available now for just $4.99 on both the Apple App Store as well as Google Play. Get yours today!


Got questions about how to use GatherNote or have some suggestions? Please contact us



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