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Digital Transformation with D365 and Field Service

Digital transformation involves using up to date technology along with your best business practices to make your business more efficient, effective and profitable. To Magenium Solutions, digital transformation has the following hallmarks: web-based, mobile, and easily integrated with other systems. Organizations who have made a digital transformation have made a deliberate investment in technology that will reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase revenue over time.

Our client was reliant on older technologies that were not flexible enough to meet their customer’s needs.  Much of their field service scheduling was manual and laborious and subject to error.  Our engagement began with an assessment of their existing on-premise technology.  After evaluating factors such as business continuity, mobility, cost, security, and scalability we recommended the cloud as the best platform for their long-term business goals.  Microsoft Field Service can be configured heavily with established inventory, contract management, and incident types providing the capabilities needed by our client. 

We implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Field Service.  By migrating their existing client database, the client experienced limited down time and was quickly productive in the new system.  The Field Service app improved their operational efficiencies and dramatically affected the way they service customers in the field.  Field Service manages resource availability sending out notifications when resources are allocated.  Our client can now notify their field service workers when they’ve been assigned a case, schedule them when they’re available and route them in the most efficient way possible. The end result is a field service group that can serve customers much faster and more effectively than their competitors, and customers who keep coming back for amazing, reliable service.

This is just one example of how digital transformation has automated and enhanced a routine but essential business process.

For many more examples of how digital transformation can benefit your business, download our eBook: What the Heck is Digital Transformation and What Does It Mean for Your Business?

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