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Are you using a CRM system to track your customer’s journey?

If not, you may be missing out on some key insights that can help your business grow.

Are you using a CRM to track your customer's journey? If not, you may be missing out on some key insights that can help your business grow. From sales to service, you can optimize your customer engagement.

What does the perfect sales cycle look like?

  • SuspectSomeone who has not yet expressed any interest.
  • Lead – Someone with a likely interest. They match the persona of your typical buyer.
  • Prospect – Someone who has shown a definite interest. Perhaps they visited your website, phoned your call center, talked to a sales rep, opened your e-mail, or signed up for your newsletter.  
  • Buyer – Interest moves to action. What they have learned about your service or product has prompted them to purchase.
  • Repeat Buyer – Happiness with their previous buy leads to another buy. They like your product or service and want more.
  • Referrer – Happiness with multiple buys leads to referrals in their network. They feel comfortable recommending your service or product to someone else based on their own experience.
  • Evangelist – These customers are so thrilled with your brand that they regularly tout the product in multiple channels. They willingly and enthusiastically share your company messages.

Do you know where in this cycle each of your customers and prospects live?

If you’re not using a customer relationship management (CRM) system of some kind, you’re missing out on some pretty important data and insights into your customers. You may also be missing out on key chances within the customer service cycle to delight your customers with their buying experience.

Tracking this information helps you market smarter, develop products to meet needs, and ensure excellent customer care at every stage of the sale.

Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM an option?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you better serve your current customers as well as turn prospects and leads into new customers. This tool offers a complete view into your customer’s history. Another key benefit is that it integrates with other Microsoft products that you likely use already, like Outlook, SharePoint, OneNote, and Office.

Are you exploring CRM programs? If so, download our white paper, 17 Amazing Customer Experiences with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It describes uses for CRM that you may not have imagined possible.

Are you already a Dynamics CRM user? If you haven’t already upgraded to 2016, you may want to learn how the end of Microsoft support may affect your business.

Magenium can help you figure out the best Dynamics CRM solution for your business. Please contact us or call +1 (630) 786-5900.

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