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3 ways Azure Web Apps make it easy to build your business

Business apps. Built fast. Any platform. Any device.

Business apps. Built fast. Any platform. Any device.

That's the promise of the Microsoft Azure App Services product.

The cloud-based platform of Azure's web app capability allows you to take your business to new places. With App Services, you can easily connect your applications to business data, whether that data is on-premise or in the cloud. The best part is that you can scale as you grow!

Azure App Services provides a simplified app development and delivery platform that contains Web Apps.

Let's get down to the basics of this powerful product. Web Apps helps you quickly develop powerful web sites and web business applications. There is virtually no learning curve or downtime as you create business applications that can be scaled up or down based on demand.

3 ways Azure Web Apps help your developers speed the creation of crucial web applications

1. Use the knowledge your developers already have. In Azure Web Apps, your team uses their existing skills. They can code in .NET, NodeJS, PHP, Python, or Java. The tool makes it easy to create web apps and mobile apps from a single back end. The tool provides drag-and-drop procedures to deploy apps easily.

2. Access a broad API gallery to make data connections simple. This tool contains a pre-built gallery of APIs. As businesses adopt SaaS solutions, those tools often lock your data into external locations. Integrating that data from its various locations has been a problem in the past, but Azure Web Apps makes that integration much easier. The API gallery makes it easy to access the common cloud tools that your business is already using such as, Office 365,, and even Facebook or Twitter.

3. Scale up or down as fast as you need. Web Apps come with auto-scale support, so you set it up your infrastructure and forget about it. If your customer demand ebbs and flows, if you want to expand to new geographies, or if you want to add more functionality to your business, Web Apps can meet these demands with ease and high availability without the need for adding additional permanent resources. Service tier plans allow this flexibility, and no coding is required to make changes.

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