Unable to Buy Your Cloud Solution Provider Licenses Directly From Microsoft? Get Them From us, Instead.

Microsoft-direct CSP Licensing is Going Away. Are you Ready?

In August of 2022, Microsoft will no longer be selling CSP licenses directly to companies that spend less than $600k annually with them. That leaves quite a lot of companies in a lurch who have previously enjoyed all the benefits CSP licenses provide.

What Does This Mean for You?

Without access to a CSP license, your Microsoft licensing becomes quite a bit more difficult. You lose the competitive pricing that you’ve enjoyed in addition to a whole host of other things.

How Magenium Can Help You

Magenium is a Microsoft certified Cloud Solution Provider, with 14 Gold Microsoft competencies across multiple technologies. As a Microsoft-certified CSP, we have the ability to sell CSP licenses to you directly. You get to keep all the benefits of having CSP licensing, and gain the added benefit of working with us – a nimble & knowledgeable service provider.

By choosing Magenium as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, you gain access to a vast wealth of technical experts and our catalog of services including:

  • Cloud migrations & management
  • Infrastructure & security
  • Unified Communicaitons & collaboration
  • Managed IT Services

Contact us today to get your Microsoft CSP licensing.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Keep the support services you’ve come to know and trust
  • Maintain applications & environments with no added work
  • Enjoy faster responses than you’re used to

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