Covered Services Matrix

The following options describe the services to be performed by Magenium Solutions as described in this services level agreement.

Magenium Solutions | Managed Services Offerings
Office 365 Administrative Services (OAS) Silver Gold Platinum
Office 365 Account Support and Management
 User Management (provisioning/de-provisioning of accounts)
 Password Resets
 Custom Branded Office 365 Login Page and Office 365 theme
 Monthly Usage Reports
 Office 365 Monitor Service Health
 Planned Maintenance Notification
 Issue submission to Microsoft via web ticketing system
Office 365 Subscription and Licensing Management
 Assign/remove licenses
 Monitor subscription levels
Exchange Online (E-mail, Calendar & Contacts) Management and Support
 Recipient Management
 Mailboxes, Groups, Resources, External Contacts, Shared Mailboxes
 Manage Permissions
 E-Mail Flow and Protection
 Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam filters and policies
 Quarantined Messages
 Additional Domains Setup
 Troubleshooting Exchange Online Issues
 External Calendar Sharing
Teams/Skype Management and Support
 Enable/Disable users for Web Conferencing and Instant Messaging
 Manage Teams/Skype Audio, Video, and Media settings
 Manage Federation and Public IM Connectivity
 Manage Teams Live Events
 Troubleshooting Teams/Skype for Business Online issues
 Manage Teams/Skype for Business Online PSTN Conferencing Settings
 Manage Teams/Skype for Business Online PSTN Calling
 Troubleshooting Teams/Skype for Business PSTN Issues
 Basic Teams Settings Configuration
 Enable/Disable users for voicemail
 Manage user’s voicemail settings
 Reset user’s voicemail PIN
 Manage Unified Messaging mailbox policies
 Manage Unified Messaging dial plans
 Manage Voice mail greetings, announcements, menus, and prompts
 Investigate the audio quality of voice calls in your organization in Teams
 Investigate the audio quality of voice calls for a user in Teams
 Troubleshoot Voicemail issues
OneDrive for Business
 Manage document deletion policies for OneDrive for Business
 Troubleshooting OneDrive for Business Issues
Identity Federation and Directory Synchronization (If installed)
 Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) health and status
 Directory synchronization health and status
 Troubleshooting Identity Federation and Synchronization Issues
External Sharing
 Troubleshooting external sharing issues
Cloud Strategy Reviews
 New Features Annual Semi-Annual
 Review of cloud roadmap Annual Semi-Annual
Collaboration Platform Support and Management
 Sharepoint (Intranet and team sites for your teams to share information
  Manage Site Collections (Owners, Sharing, Capacity
  Manage User Profiles (People, Organization and My Site Settings
  Manage Search
 Yammer (Corporate social netowork)
  Manage Yammer users
  Manage features and applications settings
  Manage usage policies
  External Site Sharing
  Troubleshooting Collaboration Issues
Mobile Device Management
Manage mobile device management policies
Manage device security policies
Wipe a mobile device
Troubleshooting Mobile Device Management Issues
Compliance Management
Support eDiscovery & Litigation hold
Support retention policies and tags
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Manage Digital Loss Prevention rules
Generate Digital Loss Prevention Reports
Troubleshooting Rights Management Issues
Information Protection/Rights Management
Support rights policy templates for your organization
Manage Rights Management users and groups
Troubleshooting Rights Management Issues
Office Administration Services (OAS) Monthly Recurring Fee/User Per User Per User Per User



Availability Weekdays 9-5 Weekdays 8-8 24×7
 Incident response time Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Critical Severity** 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
 Incident response time Service Level Agreement (SLA) – High Severity** 2 hours 1 hour 15 minutes
 Incident response time Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Medium Severity** 8 hours 4 hours 2 hours
 Incident response time Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Low Severity 24 hours 16 hours 8 hours
 Enhancement response time Service Level Agreement (SLA) – Remote Only Scheduled event Scheduled event Scheduled event

* 24/7 support will be provided per Response Time SLA. Critical incidents must be called in to the Managed Services support hotline via phone.

** Response times for critical incidents are 24/7. Response times for high, medium, and low incidents are business hours

*** Monthly hourly allotment, no carry-over. If monthly allotment is exceeded, client will be charged time and material at discounted rate billed in 15 minute increments.

**** Silver is priced at $2/month/user, Gold is priced at $5/month/user, Platinum is $8/month/user

Information not outlined in this document are considered out of scope.

● – Included ◊ – Time & Material