It's time to Exchange your old calendar and email for something new


Gone are the days of cluttered emails and multiple paper calendars. Microsoft Exchange will transform the way that your company handles emails and calendars. Magenium Solutions is a Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner so we can help you and your company make the switch to Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Exchange will help you and your company organize your emails and calendars securely in one place.

In addition to this, Microsoft Exchange is a part of the Office 365 family, and as a result of this you and your company will be able to access all your information, in Exchange, online.

Microsoft Exchange Features:


Centralized Emails

With Microsoft Exchange all your emails will be found in one place and under one server. No matter what device you are on, you can access your emails. This means that if your device breaks you will not lose any information.


Shared Calendars

Microsoft Exchange not only helps organize your personal calendar, but you can share your calendar with others. With the ability to share your calendar between coworkers it creates more organization and promotes productivity within your company.


Secured Communications

Thanks to built in defense Microsoft Exchange is reliable for securing your communication. Exchange backs-up all your information in one place so that it is secure. It also has multiple anti-malware engines and anti-spam filters to ensure an extra layer of protection.

What's Next?

At Magenium Solutions, we are certified to help you and your company make the switch to Microsoft Exchange. With our help your company will be more organized, secured, and productive and we are there to guide you every step of the way.

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