Enable Converged Communications with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Is Your Office Ready for Converged Communications?

Companies around the world are embracing hybrid work scenarios as their way forward, but many don’t yet have a good plan to empower people to work from anywhere, at any time. Let’s face it: just setting up a Teams call for people on their laptops isn’t cutting it.

When it comes to getting people in a room to work effectively with those who are remote, it’s really hard to beat what a Microsoft Teams Room system can do for you.

What Can Converged Communications do for my Organization?

Microsoft Teams Rooms is the best way to provide those in the office a way to work together in person while bringing in their colleagues from around the world. Teams Rooms are part of a convergence of communications technologies like VOIP, video conferencing, instant messaging, and real-time document collaboration – AKA, “Converged Communications.”

With a Teams Room system in place, those in the office can work absolutely seamlessly and in parity with those who are working in another office, from home, or in a coffee shop. This is why it’s so critical to have a strategy in place to enable converged communications with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Why Should I Trust Magenium to Help?

When Microsoft launched Teams in 2017, Magenium was one of the first partners to deploy it for customer use. Since that launch, we have deployed over 22,000 Teams Rooms customers for companies around the globe. And after that deployment, we support thousands of them with our ongoing managed services offering.

In 2023 Magenium was named as a finalist for Microsoft Partner of the year in the Converged Communications category, something we’ve lived and breathed for a lot longer than the existence of Teams. We are Microsoft’s best consulting partner to enable Converged Communications with Microsoft Teams Rooms

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Benefits and Outcomes

  • Better collaboration between employees regardless of where they work
  • Enjoy a consistent Teams experience designed to make collaboration easier and hassle-free
  • Turn any shared space into a Teams Room with a wide selection of devices and features
  • Built-in security means less worry with rich management capabilities and analytics

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