Custom Application Development

Unique customized software services to modernize your business and keep up with digital trends.

Magenium Solutions’ custom application developers are experts in Microsoft .NET, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, mobile, web application technologies and more.

For over a decade, we have delivered high-quality custom application development services, mobile apps, and web applications to clients across a wide variety of industries.

Magenium brings together consulting expertise in custom application development, data management, integration, and software advisory services to provide complete end-to-end digital solutions for your biggest business challenges.

We can help you to remain in step with your competition by improving your information technology-based business.


Task automation, predictive analysis, machine learning, conversational AI – the options available today in artificial intelligence are truly incredible. Our team of AI experts will build, train, and deploy machine learning models quickly and easily with Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks, finding the right AI match for your applications and supporting you into the future.


Optimized mobile sites are a necessity in today’s connected world, and we can perform an audit of your site to make sure it lives up to its potential. A custom mobile application can be a tremendous way to build your brand’s identity and increase revenue, maximizing your digital marketing. From eCommerce solutions to digital web apps, Magenium has a dedicated team backing you and guiding you every step of the way. We also ensure security and provide ongoing enhancements to your application, so you can focus on all the mobile customers who will be knocking on your digital door.

Custom Development


Using agile development allows us to provide a creative solution for your unique business challenges. Combined with DevOps, the agile process provides superior quality, better control, improved project predictability, increased flexibility, continual improvement, and much more. Custom software that is tailored to your needs, easy to maintain, and grows with your business.



Simply put, IoT solutions and services harness the power of the Internet, letting us to develop a scalable architecture that gives you the ability to visualize and analyze. Whether you have data or applications to reign-in, need consulting services to manage devices in the field, or need to optimize your operations, Magenium can move your business forward.

Cyber Security


Faster time-to-market is critical in today’s accelerated business environment. With Azure DevOps, we are able to seamlessly design, implement, launch, and maintain your software, bringing your vision to reality faster than ever before. Deployment is automated to ensure a reliable and robust launch with each revision.



In today’s connected world, your business needs a solid IT infrastructure that is agile and scalable, allowing it to grow into the future. The rise of Azure as a cloud computing platform has contributed to organizations being more powerful and secure than ever before – but it’s not always easy to set up.

Our experts help you define what your environment should look like, deploy it, and secure it using right-sized licensing. Harness the power of the cloud for your organization.

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