Marketing Automation

Automation allows marketing departments to streamline lead generation tasks to improve operational efficiency and ultimately increase leads. When tightly integrated with customer relationship management systems, marketing automation captures timely information across all marketing channels identifying new customer opportunities as well as cross-sell or up-sell opportunities with existing customers.  Marketing automation is made up of prospect lists, customer lists, workflows, social tools, and algorithms and continues to evolve.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the Centralized Database.  This single source provides the 360 view of both prospects and customers should be utilized by marketing, sales, accounting, and customer service department.  Having a centralized database allows segmented marketing to prospects, existing customers, and lost customers.  

Marketing Engine. The brain behind the automation allowing your business to connect with customers through their favorite source at the time that is best for them.  Marketing can nurture prospects and identify best time for the salesperson to engage.    

Analytics.  The moment a prospect engages on your site, lead scoring values can be assigned triggering specific nurture paths.  Dashboard showing what works, what didn’t work to implement future marketing campaigns with greater success and return on investment.   

When implemented well, marketing automation improves alignment between sales and marketing resulting in increased revenue for your business.  Marketing is still focused on lead generation, customer retention and measuring return on investment.  What is new is the automation in communicating in a digital age with a focus on segmenting and targeting to find the exact message that resonates with each individual consumer.

Magenium partners with both ClickDimensions and HubSpot, two of the leading marketing automation platforms on the market today.  For an in-depth discussion on which marketing automation is well suited for your company, please contact us via our website or call us at 1-630-786-5900.