Today’s workers have high expectations for what technology can do to improve productivity, and one of the best technology investments your organization can make is in Unified Communications & Collaboration. What is Unified Communications & Collaboration? They’re solutions that bring together telephone, instant messaging, persistent chat, file sharing and more to one place.

Magenium certified engineers and architects have the breadth and depth of knowledge in different aspects of these technologies to develop and implement a cohesive strategy to make sure you get value out of this kind of investment.

Better Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

When considering collaboration tools, the best ones integrate with other applications your business already runs from Microsoft. Teams is the only persistent chat application that brings the power of SharePoint, Skype for Business, Outlook, and Microsoft’s world-renowned security to one place.   

With just one application doing so many things you reduce email, simplify workflows, keep everything important in one place, and everyone on the same page.

Better Calls with Skype for Business

Everyone has had the painful experience of joining conference calls. The 800 numbers are impossible to remember, and if you don’t have the conference code the whole process falls apart. Skype for Business enables one-touch conference calls from any device. Simply open the calendar item, click join, and you’re in.

Skype for Business runs on all devices from a laptop to an iPad or your mobile phone, and joining calls is incredibly easy from any of them. Video conferencing is included so your remote teams feel more engaged and less “stuck on an island.”

SharePoint and Portals

SharePoint is the power behind personalized portals for your business including intranets, team sites, and even individual employee sites. Magenium can custom design, code, and deploy the collaborative technology and secure document management available with Microsof SharePoint.

Whether you are looking to migrate SharePoint to the next version, in a hybrid deployment with Office 365, or a pure cloud-based solution, Magenium Solutions can make it happen.

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