Make Your Data Make Sense with Power BI

Every organization today generates enormous amounts of data. Customer data, financials, employee activity. Most organizations have some forms of reporting in place to make some sense of that, but those reports are often static and not updated enough to keep up with the business.

That’s where Magenium comes in with Power BI. We can empower your organization by building new custom reports from just about any data source, and enable you to create your own.

In today’s world the quicker your company can make data make sense the faster your team can start using that information to make a difference.

Microsoft Power Bi provides a lightning fast fully customizable interface with an abundance of integration options for local and cloud data all in a low code environment.

The Power Bi platform easily integrates with your existing systems and analytics programs to aggregate and visualize your data so your team doesn’t miss a step.

With 150 data connectors built in the power platform effortlessly processes your data to make it understandable and easily digestible.
It’s easy to get started with optimized content from third-party providers such as salesforce quickbooks sap google analytics and many more.

Powerbi also operates with azure and office to ensure world-class security and seamless integration with the microsoft app suite.
With desktop mobile and cloud access it’s easier than ever to collaborate and share information from anywhere in the world.

At Magenium Solutions we empower you to harness the full capability of Power Bi by providing use case analysis advice on the right product licensing and custom-built solutions to ensure that the platform is optimally designed just for you.

We start with discovery meetings to understand your needs, like which data to integrate creating custom reports, who in your organization needs access, or embedding your reports in other programs.

Magenium also provides staff training to guarantee competence and confidence in your new data solution.
Make data make sense with Power Bi and get the most out of your new platform with Magenium Solutions.

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