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New Microsoft Teams Feature Wrap Up, November 2020

The month of November seemed to fly by, and with that you may have missed some of the new features that Microsoft Teams released.  There have been new features released for the workplace, education, front-line workers, and the government. Along with this there have been some new devices released. So, buckle up and let the recap begin!

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Migrate from SSRS Reports to Power BI

Companies have gotten good - no, really good at collecting data. Reporting on it in a timely fashion for decision makers has always been an issue, at least if you leaned heavily on SSRS reports. Thankfully, Power BI solves a lot of those challenges. With that, we give you the top 10 reasons you should make the switch. 

2 Microsoft Gems You Might Have Overlooked

I'm always playing with new technology and sometimes forget a lot of it is really worth sharing. Here's just a couple I've really enjoyed lately. 

How to Create a Link to Your Outlook Calendar for Email Signatures

Are you looking to share your calendar with people outside of your organization so they can find the best time to schedule a meeting with you? This blog post shows you exactly how.

Quick Tip: How to Use Power Automate for Tweet Notifications

Are you having trouble keeping up with the massive number of notifications you're receiving from accounts you follow on Twitter? Office 365 and Power Automate have a solution that can help.

Dynamics 365 April Release and Coming Maintenance Schedules

Today's guest blogger is Kirsten Nelson, Dynamics 365 Solution Architect

For the last few weeks Microsoft has been preparing Dynamics 365 for the new release that starts this April.  In preparation for the release we anticipate every weekend until the start of the release these rolling maintenance schedules will occur.

Insights by InsideView no Longer Included with Dynamics 365 – What Does this Mean for Users?

As of January 16, 2019, Microsoft is no longer including Insights for new Dynamics 365 customers. Current customers however will continue to have access until August 15, 2019. What does this mean for users? You have a few choices:

How to Deploy CRM Like the Pros

Download this free eBook today and learn how to successfully take on a CRM project with real advice from the pros who have done it for over 20 years.