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Could Your Business Survive a Hurricane?

With Houston still reeling from Hurricane Harvey and Irma currently delivering its enormous punch to Florida, the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery is painfully obvious for everyone affected. Could your business survive something like that? We shed some light on how it's done. 

How to Make SEO and SEM Work for Your SMB

SEO and SEM are massive topics to tackle. But as an SMB, there are simple things you can do to make SEO and SEM work for you.

How to Use Social Feedback to Make Your Business Better

If you could ask your customers what they think of your company products or services, would you use the information to make your company better?

Robust System Enables Secure Order Entry and Controls Costs

The challenge: Both external customers and internal managers required a way to login to a secure system for order entry, process orders and manage licenses. Without licenses, the retailers are unable to sell state regulated products, so time is of the essence.

Top 10 Tips for Windows 10

Now that Windows 10 has reached over 200 million devices, Magenium's Larry Kmiec shares his top 10 favorite tips, tricks and hidden features. 

SEO and Brand Image Initiatives turn Trash to Treasure

The company’s existing website was not mobile friendly and lacked a comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan.

Responsive Web Design: The Importance of Functionality on all Screen Sizes.

Does your website render properly on all screen sizes from cell phones to TVs?  To compete in today's world, your website redesign should be high on your list. You need to be able to reach your customers anywhere, anytime.

Protect yourself from Stagefright Vulnerability Hack for Android Phones

Stagefright is believed to be the worst Android vulnerability ever, and it is believed this affects approximately 95% of all Android devices in use today.  Attackers can steal data from infected phones, as well as hijacking the microphone and camera.

Beware Window 10 Upgrade Phishing Scam

A campaign is in progress as of this writing targeting Windows 8 users who have yet to receive the “Get Windows 10” app icon.  Users that open the email, unzip, and run the attached executable are soon greeted by a ransomware variant called CTB-Locker.