Enterprise Social

Wondering how to develop your organization’s private social network to help your teams stay on top of it all?  Start conversations, collaborate on files, and organize around projects so you can go further—faster? Let Magenium Solutions set you on a clear path to understanding how your teams can work smarter and faster.  We utilize Microsoft tools such as Yammer and SharePoint to empower your employees to easily connect, share ideas, and build teams. These tools, found within Office 365’s cloud based platform, break down barriers between departments and allow collaboration from virtually anywhere you are, at any time. 

Yammer, an enterprise grade, real-time communications platform, provides a common and secure space across teams. Users are able to locate content via a fast, powerful built-in search function, and can sort updates and files by employee or department. Your employees can “follow” company experts and easily view the documents and posts they share. Individuals can even put up polls on the fly, or praise other employees for a job well done. Yammer is further enhanced by other solutions within the Microsoft cloud such as Delve, a powerful tool which leverages machine learning technology to automatically surface posts that are most relevant to the user — from across Office 365.

Yammer and Delve are included with Office 365 Enterprise plans providing a tool to pull teams together and enhance your business process. Let us show you how enterprise social can elevate how your business communicates, shares, and gathers information.


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