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Ever spend the first 15 minutes or more of a meeting getting the room “setup”?  Is your A/V equipment too complex to use, always sorting through a confusing pile multiple remotes and out of date connectors?  Do your clients find it difficult to connect to your wireless network or join a conference remotely? Do you take pictures of the whiteboard after a meeting only to transpose the notes later? Do try to contact IT only to discover the IT department does not support conference room technology?  Does your workspace offer quiet, comfortable sound? 

Properly Designed Meeting Facilities Increase Productivity by:


  1. Integrating technology and content in projects. Project teams can access information in real-time, co-create and collaborate with everyday applications at all stages of a project.


2.  Capturing usable results. Session results are captured and automatically shared in a format that can be easily accessed, referenced, edited and used at a later date.


3.  Enhancing remote collaboration. Experts from any location are easily connected, and remote teams are able to share, contribute and collaborate on content.


4.  Creating informal collaboration spaces. In addition to more traditional meeting spaces, collaborative spaces foster innovation by making it simple to engage in deeper discussions with everyone involved on a project.


5.  Implementing collaborative training programs.  By increasing both engagement and retention, team members actively participate in training sessions.




  • Audio Visual Systems
  • SMART Boards and Interactive Whiteboards
  • Digital Signage and Mass Notification
  • Public Network and Wireless Solutions
  • Room Reservation Devices
  • Microsoft Lync Room Systems
  • Sound Masking

Our solutions simplify and streamline the technology in your boardrooms, conference rooms, and meeting facilities.


Connected Office Matrix


Magenium applies process and technology to the way you do business. We enhance your training rooms, conference rooms, and meeting spaces. We make them easy to use, collaborative and informative and help you work with your clients as if they are part of your team. Users will be able to connect wirelessly, plug-in, and present with ease.

We provide the expertise and creative resources required to ensure your project is a success. We will guide you through each step of the process to make certain you have exactly the solution you need, the features you want, and the ease of use to allow you to focus on your business.


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