Online Presence

There are dozens of major websites on the Internet — plus aggregators — that likely have a listing for your business. Can you safely say that they are all kept accurate and reflect the information that you want front and center for your customers?

Furthermore, major search engines such as Google and Bing are focused on optimizing search results for local businesses, and the local search landscape is more competitive than ever before.

Defining and Strengthening Your Image: Increase Revenue & Reduce Your Risk

In the ever-changing world of local search and search engine optimization, and the increased importance of mobile and local search, online business listings and local SEO have grown exponentially in importance.

Potential customers searching for your business online need to:

  • Be presented with accurate information, photos, and contact information for your business
  • Easily see and participate in reviews and conversation regarding your product or service
  • Get directions to your business
  • Consistently see your business on searches relevant to your industry and local service area

Leveraging Experience and Technology to Turbocharge Business Listings and Local SEO 

We collaborate personally and directly with you, applying industry proven tools, processes, best practices, and unique strategies to optimize your online business presence. If your business has multiple locations, stores, or addresses -- we can help you keep them all in sync with consistent and accurate information that shows the best side of your offerings. In addition, we’ll help you develop a local SEO strategy for your online listings and website to improve and maintain a strong position in Google and Bing local search queries for the areas you serve.

Easing the Adoption of Google My Business

Often cited as one of the most important — if not the most important — online business listings, Google My Business can be challenging and confusing to set up, maintain, and optimize. We’ll work with you to easily establish a Google business presence across your business locations, utilizing our team of SEO experts, marketers, and social media professionals.




Your Trusted Partner Magenium applies proven processes and industry best technology combined with over 10 years of combined experience in the social media space to partner with your business — every step of the way.

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