Networking and Security

As organizations consume more and more cloud services, along with the increased demand for mobile access, the role that networking plays has become more critical than ever.  The cloud is transforming how businesses operate and making it possible for any size business to adopt and afford enterprise-class apps, computing and storage without the cost, complexity and constraints of traditional networks.

Data needs to travel between the computing and storage components of an application and then to the user of the application.  Security still must be applied to help make sure that the right users, devices, and systems have access to the right data at the right time while protecting against attacks, intrusions, breaches, and leaks.  Different kinds of data and traffic have different levels of importance and network resource needs that still must be met across the entire network with quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities.

Magenium has the expertise and experience to build and maintain open, resilient, secure, and scalable networks.


Cloud networking is a new networking paradigm for building and managing secure private networks over the public Internet by utilizing global cloud computing infrastructure.  With cloud networking, traditional network functions and services are delivered via the cloud as a service.

Cloud enabled networking moves management and certain aspects of control (such as policy definition) into the cloud, but keeps connectivity and packet-mode functions such as routing, switching and security services local to your environment.

At Magenium, we believe that cloud enabled networking allows organizations of any size to benefit from enterprise grade technology without the cost and complexity associated with deploying a conventional network.


Cybersecurity has moved from IT and the datacenter to the highest levels of the boardroom. Attacks and threats have grown substantially over the years and have become more sophisticated in frequency and severity.  What’s at stake?  Everything from customer privacy to brand identity, executive’s reputations and more.  Without a strong defense system in place, the identities of individuals can be hacked, organizations stand to lose customers, control of trade secrets, intellectual property and ultimately their competitive edge.

Magenium has the expertise and experience to analyze and secure enterprise networks.


Magenium Solutions offers strategy, implementation and support of the following technologies:

  • Cisco and Cisco Meraki
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

We are an authorized Cisco Select Partner and Cisco Meraki Technology Partner.  We also hold the Cisco Small and Midsize Business Specialization.


Cisco Select Partner

Cisco Meraki



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