Identity and Access Management

One of the biggest challenges IT organizations face is keeping users productive while still protecting company data.  As employees bring their personal devices to work and readily adopt cloud applications, maintaining control over their applications and data across corporate datacenters and public cloud platforms has become a significant challenge.

Identity and Access Management is one of the most important elements of an organization’s security infrastructure.  Information about users is controlled through identity management, authenticating the identity of the users as well as information and actions they are authorized to access/perform.  Identity and Access Management is tightly coupled by the governance and consumption of identity data, where identities correspond to entities, as well as consists of attributes or identifiers. Users access resources with credentials managed through ID sources.

Magenium has proven experience delivering identity and access management solutions through Microsoft Windows Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Azure Rights Management and Microsoft Identity Manager.  Microsoft’s approach combines products and services that help IT departments handle the influx of consumer-oriented technology and the work style expectations of users which in turn increase overall productivity and satisfaction for the people within their organizations.

Components of Identity and Access Management: 

Components Identity and Access Management


Increase productivity and reduce costs with self-service and single sign-on experiences


Employees are more productive when they have a single username and password to remember and a consistent experience from every device. They also save time when they can perform self-service tasks like resetting a forgotten password, or requesting access to an application, without waiting for assistance from the helpdesk.


Manage and control access to corporate resources


Microsoft Identity and Access Management solutions help IT protect access to applications and resources across the corporate datacenter and into the cloud, enabling additional levels of validation such as multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies. Monitoring suspicious activity through advanced security reporting, auditing and alerting helps mitigate potential security issues.




Magenium Solutions offers strategy, implementation and support of the following technologies:


  • Active Directory Federation Services
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Rights Management
  • Microsoft Identity Manager
  • Windows Active Directory

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