Mobile Apps

We help clients with mobile applications for iPhones and iPads and Android tablets and phones. At Magenium Solutions we use Xamarin to build the application using .net and target it to run in IOS, Android and Windows mobile. That allows a cost savings for customers because we only build the App once instead of creating three different versions. And we’ll provide Application Lifecycle Management to help you keep apps updated with the evolving features and functions your customers and business require. In our development model these features are updated across all platforms at the same time.

Some recent examples include:

  • Gathernote™ – a custom app for all-in-one project organization using annotated photographs. Users can not only take photos and add notations, they can also draw dimensions, record audio notes, and pin that information to the photo. 
  • A mobile application allowing a leading North American metals manufacturer and distributor to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in printing and distribution costs for a technical reference guide used across industry. The custom app available to users on IOS and Android devices also provided for the first time, a way for users to access this important technical reference on the road or in the field. App received 1,000 downloads within the first month.



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