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With more and more data becoming available to companies and the complexity of managing and using this data is constantly increasing.  Organizations need to ensure their database systems are stable and scalable to support business applications today and in the future.  At Magenium, we understand the 24/7, cost-conscious and data-driven environment in which businesses now find themselves operating in. We offer services that help companies gain real value from the extensive data they have available.  Our certified DBA’s can help with every aspect of your SQL platform—from architecture and design to administration, monitoring, and troubleshooting. 

Magenium has the expertise and experience to build and maintain mission-critical applications utilizing Microsoft SQL for high-performance, in-memory secure communications across OLTP, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics.


Microsoft’s Data Platform leverages SQL Server technology and makes it available across physical on-premises machines, private cloud environments, third-party hosted private cloud environments, and public cloud. This enables organizations to meet unique and diverse business needs through a combination of on-premises and cloud-hosted deployments, while using the same set of server products, development tools, and expertise across these environments.

When designing an application, four basic options are available for hosting the SQL Server part of the application:

  • SQL Server on physical machines
  • SQL Server in on-premises virtualized machines (private cloud)
  • SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine (public cloud)
  • Azure SQL Database (public cloud)

As seen in the diagram below, each offering can be characterized by the level of administration you have over the infrastructure, and by the degree of cost efficiency achieved by database level consolidation and automation.

Database Platform

Magenium employs data experts to help our clients develop the right data strategy across all deployment models to ensure the right fit for their business.


Magenium Solutions offers strategy, implementation and support of the following technologies:

  • Azure SQL databases
  • SQL Administration and Maintenance Services
  • SQL Assessments
  • SQL Business Continuity Planning
  • SQL Database Upgrade and Migration Services
  • SQL Database Design, Architecture and Planning
  • SQL Managed Services
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Support Services
  • SQL Troubleshooting, Database optimization and performance scalability


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