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Is your company ready for Windows Server and SQL 2008 End of Support? January 2020 marks the end of support for systems that thousands of companies are still using for their day to day business. Magenium has migrated countless organizations to a more modern platform and has authored this eBook to help you plan your upgrade process.

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What the Heck is Digital Transformation? and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

How to Choose a Pro

Choosing a consulting partner can be a time-consuming, risky, and expensive project to take on - before you ever take on the actual project! Here's a free eBook on how to cut through the nonsense and pick the right partner the first time. 

You'll learn:

  • What really matters in a consulting firm
  • The importance of a good cultural fit
  • How pricing weighs in on your decision

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How to Deploy CRM Like the Pros

Download this free eBook today and learn how to successfully take on a CRM project with real advice from the pros who have done it for over 20 years.

Disasters Happen. Is Your Business Ready?

Guidance for preparing your business to withstand the unexpected.

24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use CRM

Download this upbeat and engaging eBook to spark your own creativity on how to use CRM software in unique ways to transform your business.

The Economics of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can help save costs, improve sales team productivity, and increase business forecasting.

17 Amazing Customer Experiences with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Download this upbeat and informative eBook to envision how your organization could use CRM software in creative ways to grow your business.

Forrester SMB Total Economic Impact Report – Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 provided immediate relief to the technology growing pains of small and midsize businesses while increasing productivity and satisfaction of its mobile workforce and reducing technology costs.

CRM Is Not Just For Sales

Download this eBook to see how to put customers first and increase productivity across the company  with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.