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First, it probably helps to define what we mean when we say “Smart City.” A Smart City brings together technology, government, and citizens to manage population growth, crime rates, investments in infrastructure, and provide a more transparent administration.

Microsoft is on the verge of releasing several video conferencing systems under its Project Rigel banner. Simultaneously - Logitech, Polycom, and Crestron all have released or will be releasing products that include a Surface Pro 4 to provide conference control in the room as well as a variety of camera and speakerphone options.

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Cost, resources, flexibility, security — consider these factors before you move services in your SMB to the cloud.

Dynamics 365, with its purpose-built apps and built-in insight and intelligence, unifies cloud solutions into one cloud service.


Is your CRM robust enough to meet the demands of today's customer? If not, Microsoft Dynamics 365 may be the (CRM) Customer Relationship Management system you need.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is taking a new approach to the way business is done.

Collaboration drives your business success. You need secure, accessible portals where clients and employees share data and information.

Your team needs a consistent experience from any device at any location. How do you keep your team connected and your info secure?


As manufacturers stop support of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 is your organization ready to embrace Windows 10? If you need a roadmap, start here.