From consumer drones to mainstream wearables, technology continues to move at warp speed.  In case you missed it in 2015, your friends at Magenium have compiled this short year in review.

2015 Year in Review - World on Arm

  • In April, Apple joined the fitness tracking on your arm movement releasing their upscale watch.
  • From measuring stress levels to baby monitoring, what will we be wearing next?
  • As the need for exchanging data with other devices continues to grow, computing is truly everywhere.


2015 Year in Review - SOLOMO


2015 Year in Review - Smart Machines


2015 Year in Review - Big Data

  • From Zettabytes to Yottabytes, how much data is produced every day?
  • Put that data to use as a business strategy to support your customers.
  • Need inspiration? Read how 17 companies use data to build profits one customer at a time.


2015 Year in Review - Times Squared