There is no industry untouched by social media's reach. In our interconnected world, customer engagement happens anywhere at anytime. Fewer gatekeepers and obstacles separate you from your customers. Your business can interact directly with customers and critics alike. They can interact directly with you too, all through the power of Tweets and Likes. 

Microsoft Social Engagement allows you to listen and analyze your social presence as well as reach out to customers all within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Through the tool, you can see what people are saying about your business on social media and the news. You can track multiple sources—Twitter, Facebook, videos, blogs, news syndicates, or any other source relevant to your business. The tool helps you spot trends, alerts you to how people feel about your brand, and helps you shape marketing messages or sales conversations in response.

Check out this case study describing how one manufacturer, The Liebherr Group, used Dynamics CRM and Social Engagement to stay ahead.

The Liebherr Group realized their current program fell short. For example, the company’s current system revealed that keyword searches for “Liebherr” had increased four-fold from the year before but offered no insight as to why.

They needed a system that would plug into their existing tools and in-place CRM. Liebherr chose to deploy Microsoft Social Engagement within their CRM.

They now have one common system to improve marketing, sales, and product R&D. They can easily harness customer feedback and online trends. Information from this system informs the next iteration of their products to improve their appeal to customers. They use information to ID possible buyers and then contact them proactively. Social engagement has turned into a two-way street with a positive impact across every company department.

Imagine a CRM and social platform that points you to a customer problem, allows you to privately message that customer, and helps you find the closest repair facility to solve their problem, all within a matter of minutes!  That’s the power of Dynamics CRM Social Engagement.

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