A leading North American processor and distributor of metals, with operations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, China and Brazil. The Company distributes and processes various kinds of metals, including stainless and carbon steel and aluminum products.

The challenge: The customer’s communication team had experienced a reduction in personnel. The reduced staff was responsible for handling both internal and external communications but didn’t have the bandwidth, skills or resources to maintain and enhance the company’s website.

The solution: First, Magenium established a support process to maintain 7x24 service for the existing website to ensure minimal downtime. Next, Magenium increased the effectiveness of the site by developing a responsive version for viewing on all devices. From there, we were asked to build a re-branded stock list for the site. This area is highly detailed and filled with critical technical data that customers are now able to access easily. During the process, Magenium cultivated a trusting partnership with the client. We extended our relationship through an SLA that acknowledges all client requests within 4 hours. In addition to regular updates, monitoring and troubleshooting, we have been tasked to enhance, re-brand and change other areas of the site.

“Magenium has become our ‘go-to’ partner. Website enhancements are handled with expertise and creativity. They’re essentially an extension of our communication team.”